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Drum Humidifers

Because Skuttle Bypass Drum Humidifiers rely on forced air, they are well suited for warm-air heating systems, including gas, gas high-efficiency, electric, heat pump, geothermal, solar and oil forced air systems. Models 45 and 90 are housed in handsome, polished stainless steel cabinets. Model 190 has a sturdy thermoplastic cabinet with a see-through window.

How Drum Humidifiers Work

A Drum Humidifier's output is controlled by the humidistat, which monitors the home's relative humidity and activates or deactivates the unit accordingly. Inside the humidifier, a rotating evaporator pad (or drum) lifts water from the water pan into the air stream, which is warmed and circulated by the furnace blower. The pad's multiple holes and connecting strands significantly increase the area from which the water can evaporate.

Environmental Facts

Skuttle Drum Humidifiers use minimal water and electricity, making them the most economical and ecologically friendly humidifiers to operate. Drum Humidifiers do not produce harmful contaminants, nor do they release them into the air.


Although Skuttle Drum units require more maintenance than other humidifier types, they are designed for easy cleaning and pad replacement by either the homeowner or servicing contractor. At a minimum, the humidifier and pad need to be cleaned at the end of every humidifying season. Mineral buildup on the pad may necessitate mid-season cleaning, as well. In hard-water areas, installation of a Skuttle Automatic Flushing Timer will reduce cleaning frequency.
The humidifier and the connecting water valve must be turned OFF at the end of each heating season.
= Uses minimal electricity = Uses minimal water = Most environmentally friendly
Model 45 Stainless Steel Bypass Drum Humidifier
Model 90 High-Capacity Stainless Steel Bypass Drum Humidifier
Model 190 High-Capacity Thermoplastic Bypass Drum Humidifier