Smalls Plumbing Heating & AC, ready to service your Furnace in Bethel NY

Cutting Edge Technology

A plumber is a plumber, is a plumber right??

No, not really....

Did you know that only certified Plumbers can work on your well??

Did you know that when handling Freon from Air conditioning, that you must have a certification??

Did you know that not everyone can run a LP gas line??

At Smalls Plumbing, Heating and A.C. we are always continuing our training and certifications  to keep up on the latest technologies within the industry, to help you with all your comfort needs
Ongoing technical training
+ Experienced supervision
+ Office support
= Top service for YOU

Our company is committed to the technical excellence of the service we provide you and, therefore, require our 'champion' technicians to attend regular training sessions. Besides the technician who actually does the repair, Smalls Plumbing Heating & AC has highly competent and experienced field supervisors who, although you may never see, provide valuable backup to the technician. So, should a second opinion ever be required about a technical question, you don’t have to worry because the technician has highly qualified expertise to bring to each call.

Also, additional backup is available in the office to support the field technician on your job. Should a question arise about prior work performed for you, or if a part needs to be special ordered, the technician needs only to call to access that help.

When you combine all of this with the thoroughly stocked service vehicles, the cutting edge communication technology, the ‘family friendly’ service people and the rigorous employment screening, you can understand why we call the person who we deliver to your door a 'champion' technician.

*EPA certified for handling refrigerants*            
*New York State DEC licensed water well contractor*

*Certified geothermal installer*

*Beckett  Burner Trained*


*Upnor/Wirsbo Pex Installation*

*Water Treatment Certified*

*Tekmar Controls*

*Trac Pipe – Flexible Gas Piping*

*Rudd *

*Buderus Boilers including solar and G125BE*

*Fujitsu's Authorized Service Training*

* Insurance and Bonded* Fully covered to handle any project or contract


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Bethel Business Association –

NYS Water Well Contractor -

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