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Geo thermal Heat and AC


GEOTHERMAL—Refers to a geothermal heat pump which uses the thermal energy of the ground or ground water to provide heating and cooling; primarily residential

WATER SOURCE—Refers to water source heat pumps used in commercial installations; generally involves boiler/cooling tower and/or water loop installation

BTUH—British thermal units per hour, used to indicate heat output

CLOSED LOOP—Another name for ground loop geothermal systems

COP—Coefficient of Performance, a measurement of efficiency in heating; the higher the number, the more efficient the equipment

DESUPERHEATER—A partial heat recovery system that captures heat from hot refrigerant as it leaves the heat pump compressor and transfers the heat to domestic hot water

EER—Energy Efficiency Ratio, a measurement of efficiency in cooling; the higher the number, the more efficient the equipment

ENERGY STAR®—Signifies an energy efficient product, designation first developed by United States government and now recognized by Canada and a number of other countries

EWT—Entering water temperature which is the temperature of the water or water/antifreeze solution when it enters the coaxial coil of the unit where the heat exchange process with the refrigerant cycle begins

HVAC—Refers to heating, ventilation and air conditioning equipment and systems

GROUND LOOP—Geothermal system with heat transfer liquid permanently contained in piping buried in the ground or submerged in a pond or lake

GROUND WATER—Geothermal system in which water is pulled from an aquifer and used for heat transfer, then released to another well, a ditch or other approved water source

OPEN LOOP—Another name for ground water geothermal installations

R-410A—The environmentally friendly refrigerant now used in all HVAC equipment; all Comfort-Aire geothermal units shown in this brochure are charged with R-410A

SINGLE STAGE—Heat pump that operates at one stage and one capacity

TAX CREDITS—The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 allows a tax credit of 30% for installations of new qualifying geothermal equipment, with no dollar cap

TWO STAGE—Heat pump that operates at two stages, depending on demand, and at different speeds through the use of multi-stage compressors and multi-speed blower motors; exceptionally efficient at low speeds but capable of supplying more heat or cooling when required

WATER LOOP—Installation used in many commercial applications, includes boiler/cooling tower
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